Outputing clockify data into conky



Conky is a nice linux utility that display real time information to your desktop. I've taken a liking to manjaro-i3 variant and it has been enabled by default for a long time. It comes with a few different themes, we will make a copy of the maia theme to add the clockify report.


Clockify is a good and cheap solution to track your time online. You can manage your team, have reports shared publicly (so your client can now in real time how much time has been spent) and even the pro features are pretty cheap, if you ever need them.


I'm using i3, so the first steps will cover i3 specifically. With manjaro-i3, by default the conky is started inside ~/.i3/config. Somewhere in your config file you will find start_conky_maia. This bash script starts two conky file, one for the shortcut and another one for the things we actually care about, live informations. We want to replace the theme file with our own, so it doesn't get overwritten in the next update.

cp /usr/share/conky/conky_maia ~/conky_theme

In your ~/.i3/config, change the following call :

exec --no-startup-id start_conky_maia

For this one :

exec --no-startup-id conky -c ~/conky_theme

The fun part

Let's get into the fun part now, you will need some utilities I made open source to get the data out of clockify :

git clone git@git.fixrs.ca:pierrepaul/clockify.git <your favorite place to store your projects>/clockify
cd <your favorite place to store your projects>
pip install -r requirements.txt --user

You will need to generate your access key in clockify: https://clockify.me/user/settings

Then create new config.py file at root of the project and put it there :

token = '<your token>'

We will also need the workspace id (wid) and your user id (uid) to generate your report, so run this :

python info.py

And put those values in config.py:

# config.py
token = '<your token>'
wid = '<your workspace id>'
uid = '<your user id>'

Now open up your conky theme and at the bottom, before the closing ]], add this call:

${execpi 300 python <your path>/clockify/report.py}

That's it! You should have something close to the image at top. Don't hesitate to play with transparency to make it more readable.