A Drupal conference according to OpenAI. Not bad, but not exactly either.

EvolveDrupal Montréal 2024


So EvolveDrupal is coming back to Montreal in June!

I miss the old days, when I lived in the Montreal area. We had a vibrant Drupal community. Drupalcamp was definitely the highlight of the year of meet ups.

I'd like to revive this community, either by reviving the drupalmontreal brand or by creating a new brand, more inclusive for everyone in Quebec.

I guess you're reading this, and you're thinking "grand pa's rambling again" and you would be right.

EvolveDrupal is an event trying to fill that gap. It's a one-day conference that moves location every time. The next one will be in Montréal, on June 14, for a second time.

It's a great opportunity to meet your peers and learn cool new stuff. EvolveDrupal usually have 3 tracks, general, design and development. Those tracks can run concurrently, if there's enough submissions.

Submissions are open, so the schedule is not out yet. Want to get involved? You can send you submission here. It doesn't have to be on advanced subject. It doesn't need to be code related either! I've seen a lot of great talks in the past about project management, change management, design system, leadership or team management.

On my side, I'm thinking of submitting a light talk about the "new" admin Gin theme. The admin gin theme is a test bed to test new paradigms for content creating experience. It sure feels fresher than the default Claro theme, but it might also feels less stable. A follow-up post about Gin is definitely in the works.

I was told I was the first one to sign up for the event and I really hope to see you there!