I'm using manjaro, which has a bad reputation in the last years, but I'm also too lazy to reinstall everything, if I don't need to. I'm also a flutter enthusiast, I'm not using it professionally, so I don't really need to update it that often.

Since this change though, Manjaro updates has been breaking up for me. While I don't really care about flutter updates, having an error message everytime I do a system upgrade is bothering me.

I've stumbled on flutterup, which let you install flutter outside the normal package update. It doesn't let you update or install only the tools you actually need (like the new AUR update), but this one actually works on Manjaro.

So short version:

sudo pacman -Rs flutter
sudo pacman -Syu flutterup
flutterup install

You might have an issue when starting Android studio. If you have an error about the dart sdk being unavailable, you can set this new path : ~/.local/share/flutterup/bin/cache/dart-sdk.

You can also use flutterup showconfig to see where your new flutter is installed.