My first Drupal contrib module

This is silly. For more than 10 years I've been working with various versions of Drupal.

I have put my personal time in Drupal, but it was never related to code directly.

I was an administrator of a non-profit trying to make events in Montreal, about Drupal (DrupalMTL). I've given my time to help others get into Drupal for free. I have given sessions at small drupalcon or PHP/Tech conferences to help promote the product.

It's all wonderful and good ways to get involved and help the community, but as a full time developer, it always felt weird. I excel at coding at day, but end up giving my time to do a "people job" at night/weekends.

I have very rarely contributed patches (didn't find much issues either, that goes hand in hand), and I have never contributed my own contrib module, until today.

This weekend I decided I would find an idea, no matter how silly, and get my first contrib module out there.

I'm not sure you are aware, but maintaining an open-source project is a lot of stress. Given the recent pandemic and personal stuff going around, I didn't want to add even more stress to my life.

So if I could come up with a very stupid silly idea, it would be even better.

The less likely people are going to use the module, the less likely I'm going to get issues, right?


Ever heard of ZooKeeper? The awesome project often used with kafka? Well I do and my contrib module is not related at all with it.

My project is called Zookeeper just because it translate animal strings into emojis... So it's what we call in the Drupal world, a Filter Input Plugin. You type words (like dog, cat, elephant, zebra) and it changes the words by their emojis equivalent (🐕, 🐈, 🐘, 🦓) when displaying the content.


I told you it would be silly.


At the moment, the module doesn't support translations (chat, chien).

It also doesn't support plural really well (dogs will end up with 🐕s).

So yeah, at least now I can say I have a module out there! Let's see if it gets flagged as spam now...