I am Pierre Paul Lefebvre, a curious CTO working at StudioQI.


HTML5mtl - Introduction à AngularJS

Small introduction on AngularJS

Thank to the ~80 people that came to the event.

If you are looking for the session slides, it's here!

If you are looking for the code used in the session, it's here! Date : 2014-09-15 Subscribe to the meetup.

Montreal Python - Vagrant-Control

I already had given a session about Vagrant-Control the year before, but this one was about the progress I made since then. It's always a bit strange to see your own session once it's done. A big thanks to Christian Aubry/Savoir Faire Linux for the video recording. Also a big thanks to Montreal-Python for their interest in the project.

Date : 2014-06-06 See the video recording (in french)

PHPQuébec - Vagrant, c'est quoi?

Introduction into Vagrant, given at PHPQuébec on september 4th 2014. A big thanks to everyone for participating!

Date : 2014-09-12 See the slides (in french)


I started as a developer, but I found myself attracted to system administration early on. Take a minute to read my small bio for more details. For this section, I decided to branch off my expertise in a few sections.


  • Flask (♡)
  • Django


  • Drupal
  • Symphony2


  • nginx/apache2
  • bind9
  • varnish
  • haproxy


  • Ansible (♡)
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Vagrant


  • VMware
  • Amazon AWS
  • LXC


Here is a short list of my last projects and open-source projects, either for work or just for fun.

Notaires Cowansville

Notaires Cowansville


Ligue Virtuelle de Hockey










As said earlier, I started off as a web developer, following CEGEP, where I studied "informatique de gestion" and then one year at the ETS. After my two first years as a profesionnal web developer, I started getting really interested in system administration. This attraction helped me get a better understanding of the low level packages that would be used later on to deliver faster, more responsive web applications.

Since June 2013, I've been the main Sysadmin at Pheromone/StudioQI, managing a not so small cluster of servers. Some being VMWare, others being OpenVZ contexts while others were Amazon EC2. Since last november, I've been trying to move all projects to Vagrant + Ansible.

In my free time (and sometimes at work, thanks to Pheromone/StudioQI), I've been working on Jeto, a python+angularjs project to manage a cluster of Vagrant machines.

Contact me

If you would like to contact me, you can use this form or contact me directly at info@pierre-paul.com, at Facebook (this is a public profile) or at LinkedIn.