I am Pierre-Paul

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Interesting Drupal issue queue tickets
I don't follow enough initiatives on the Drupal project, but here's a few tickets I do follow!
There's a lot of changes to the Flutter package in the AUR repo. If you're using Manjaro and your flutter is broken, there's an alternative, `flutterup`!
Migrating data from an old field to a new field
It happens to everyone. You created a field for a block, to be used in layout builder, and turns out you actually need to change the field type. It should have been formatted, but it's not. Here's a how-to on how to fix that.


Django, Wagtail, I love python
Drupal 7/8/9, Symphony
Docker, docker-compose, Vagrant, Ansible, Gitlab runner/bitbucket pipelines


A private networking PWA app, based on django-drf and VueJS. It was a nice project to work on, to test our skills and dig more deeply into django channels.
Kickoff Legends
A football/soccer game based on Flask (python) and AngularJS (+ a touch of phaser). People manage their football team, play against each others (in real time, thanks to websockets) or automated matches. This was a good chunk of my life at StudioQI as their CTO.
A django + react PWA application. Keeps track of Safety and security meetings done by workers, on construction site. Also used as a time logging application with GPS data.


As said earlier, I started off as a web developer, following CEGEP, where I studied "informatique de gestion" and then one year at the ETS. After my two first years as a professional web developer, I started getting really interested in system administration. This attraction helped me get a better understanding of the low level packages that would be used later on to deliver faster, more responsive web applications.

From June 2013 to November 2016, I've been the main Sysadmin at Pheromone, managing a not so small cluster of servers. Some being VMWare, others being OpenVZ contexts while others were Amazon EC2.

From November 2016 to May 2018, I was promoted CTO to a new Pheromone subentity named StudioQi, focused on creating games.

Between August 2018 up to 2019, I have been working with Francois Viens on multiple (and very cool contracts), like Dis-Moi or TradeSpecifix.

In 2019, with Edouard and Francois, we decided to create a new company, called FIXRS, where developers no longer need to choose between family and work.

In 2024, I decide to leave the entrepreneur world to join full time the BAnQ team full time, as a Drupal specialist.


You can contact me via info[@]pierre-paul.com (PGP key) ou via LinkedIn.

For my professional email pp.lefebvre[@]banq.qc.ca you can get my PGP key here.

Or on Mastodon.