First day at Drupalcon Pittsburgh 2023

My first drupalcon in more than 10 years. It feels good to be back after this hiatus.

Confoo 2023

First in person conference since a very long time for me. I had a blast at Confoo 2023, even though no one was talking about any framework I was interested in.

My first Drupal contrib module

Even though I have been working with Drupal for more than 10 years, I have never published an open-source contrib module. Today I did.

Set limits to docker containers, when using dokku

Got a rogue container taking all your CPU on your dokku instance? When using dokku with multi tenants, it makes sense to set some limits.

Outputing clockify data into conky

Using clockify on a daily basis, I find it useful to show to my timesheet directly on my desktop using conky.

RecentActions with custom models

You would like to show the recent actions on your custom models, but the docs is not very clear how. Let's see how!

2 years of silence

Two years I haven't written here, let's see why.


This small blog is usually centered around programming and system administration, but I love games. Let's talk about CrossCode.

Rasa, part 2

The honeymoon is over, after many months, let's review rasa nlu+core (0.11.x) as it is right now.